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September, 2006
Fall is coming!
I guess Texas had one of the hottest summers ever this year, and I'll be really glad to see the Fall get here. Fall weather is really a wonderful event here in Texas, when the cool rains come and the air becomes cooler and breezier. The sky frequently seems to have such clarity, and the blue ranges from opaque to deepening for the sunsets.
There's often a great deal of color change in the leaves before they start to fall off the trees. You can already see the pecan husks forming in bunches on the pecan trees, and the acorns preparing to turn brown. The color scheme becomes even more contrasted with the onset of Fall harvest moons. An orange orb appears at moonrise, reflecting the orange-against-blue sunsets.
Fall sometimes brings tornadoes with its weather. Lightning storms are neat to watch, but be attentive to those strong winds and torrential rains!
With the weather cooling down it's easy to go out there and take a hike! This is a wonderful pasttime for maintaining your health and watching nature all around you.
One of the most important memories I have of my visits to Europe is the positive approach to taking a stroll. People frequently do their shopping on foot, since they live in close proximity to their neighborhood markets. Yet on Sunday, it seems that everyone is out and about, taking in the sights and visiting with people they meet on the streets.
So take a break! Get away from your computer, and go for a walk. Get your blood pressure down and breathe some fresh air! It's worth it, because you're doing it for YOU!
Tips for Travel
Take the time to listen to some folks around you when you're travelling. If you learn even just a few words of a foreign country's language, people are more receptive and even friendlier. Pick up on some greetings, how to say "Thank you" and "Excuse me." And take particular effort to learn the numbers. This way you won't be cheated in overpaying or in getting back correct change.
Also spend a little time researching cultural differences of the areas you are going to visit. It's often surprising to see that much of what you may take for granted may be "weird" in another culture.
Really awkward situations can often be avoided by your recognizing that not everyone speaks English. Americans sometimes feel that everyone in the world should know English. It simply isn't the case. Many other cultures exist that don't have a clue about how Americans think or feel. You will actually be a representative of your country be being abroad, so be sensitive to what's going on around you in a foreign land.

The Dream (Part 1)


I was standing in a room that covered the entire top floor of the highest building in whatever city I was. Also in the room with me, there were people of every race, creed, age, size, culture, ... you name it! ... imagineable. And all of them were trying to communicate with each other through me.

As I looked around, I noted that all of these people had on clothing and attire from every era possible. Some were in armor; others in military uniform; some were in formal wear, and yet others were casually dressed. Some had on work clothes, and yet others wore beach wear. It was as though all of these people had stepped out of every movie I'd ever seen, every book I'd ever read, every scenario I'd ever witnessed in every place I'd ever been! Each person spoke his or her own language, yet couldn't communicate with anyone else in the room. For some reason, each had to come to me to have their story or idea clarified to anyone else.

I went throughout the room, trying to find a moment of peace. As I reached any wall, I noted that the windows looked out upon an enormous city in which war was taking place. I saw explosions in the distance, and fires in every direction. It didn't seem appealing to want to leave the room I was in. Yet I knew that I couldn't remain there, being constantly approached to explain this or that to someone else in the room.

I finally made the decision. Somehow I was suddenly out on the street. It was night, and there were no lights on the street corners. Yet I knew, because of the sounds all around me that there was gunfire in near proximity, as well as shelling and other warzone evidence.

I carefully inched my way along the buildings, keeping my back to the walls and approaching open areas cautiously. I heard footsteps. Suddenly in front of me there appeared a figure in the shadows. I threw myself onto the sidewalk, bracing my head with my arms. I heard gunfire.

I felt bullets hitting my head, but not penetrating my skull. Blood ran profusely, and my hair spattered away in all directions. The fear that engulfed me was overwhelming. The gunfire seemed to last a long time, then suddenly stopped. Why was I still alive? How was I still alive? I tried to remain still, but had to look up.

As I peered into the darkness I saw the profile of lone figure before me. Because of the darkness, it took some time to see anything at all. The gun was still aimed at me, but the firing had ceased. Suddenly a flame shot up from somewhere to light the immediate area around me, and I clearly saw the face of my attacker.

It was my own! It was as though I were standing above myself, shooting myself down, and shooting myself down, and shooting even more. The look of malevalence in the eyes was piercing, brutal, and full of hate. Upon the moment of recognition, ... this is when I passed out. I don't know how long I lay there, yet I was alive.

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