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November, 2006
School Translations
With the growth of Bilingual and ESL Programs in Public Schools, oftentimes teachers are faced with the dilemma of sending home notes and other correspondence to their students' parents, but in another language.
RCAguilar.com provides correspondence translations from English into Spanish for school teachers and administrators. Whether a Newsletter, immunization requirements, or any other necessary communication with the parents, your translation can be done with a turn-around time of 2 days.
As a public school teacher, I have had years of experience translating documents for teachers and administrators, as well as participating as an active interpreter for ARD's, LPAC's, and as parent liaison.
Please make certain that the communication you send home to your LEP students' parents be a proper translation, if for no other reason than to avoid embarrassment. To request this service please contact translator@rcaguilar.com per email.
Translation Distress
I was once teaching at a Maximum Security Women's Prison and noticed a neon sign above every doorway. The sign said "EXITO."
When I asked the officers what that was supposed to be, they stated that it meant "exit." I replied, "No, that's the Spanish word for success." This wasn't taken to heart, and the signs still stand!
A more recent experience in false translation was a letter being sent home by the school nurse to parents of Spanish-speaking parents. The letter provided the "requisitos del ano escolar." I caught this immediately upon viewing the letter, as this was the title.
I asked the nurse why the school had any requirements for "the scholarly anus," which is what the title meant. She replied: "Oh my goodness! We've used this form for years!"
Tips for Travel
This is friendly advice for anyone traveling to foreign countries. I want to share an idea that was given to me before my recent trip to Europe. One of my friends suggested getting an electronic dictionary. I spent some time browsing the Internet looking for a good one. I had chosen the Language Teacher by ECTACO.
I was really pleased with the value! They make dictionaries in more than 20 languages and in various price categories. I recommend their dictionaries to anyone who enjoys traveling. They also make great gifts!
You can familiarize yourself with these award-winning dictionaries at ECTACO. Make your trip easier - you have no idea how much help you can get from a tiny handheld device. I guarantee you'll be as amazed as I was.
Language Teacher®. Electronic pocket talking translators

The Dream (Part 3)


It was like sitting at the airport, and having a casual conversation with any of a great number of people sitting there, waiting. He asked me a question. I responded at length. I went on and on, analyzing and commenting, providing the information more for myself than in response to his query.

After I had responded to the first question, he smiled and interjected a second question. I specifically remember having to give this question some thought before responding. Again, I went on at length expounding and explaining. The questions were simple and direct. Why it took so many words to respond to each one, I couldn't figure out. Yet here I was, speaking and speaking and speaking. With the conversation, I also felt healing taking place.

I finally finished my response to the second question, when he quietly asked the third question. It took several minutes for me to respond. I felt the third question pierce me like an arrow, realizing that none of the questions had really been personal. But they came at a moment when their relation to one another made the most sense. Before even considering the response to the third and final question, I stood up and broke apart into 6 pieces.

Well, It's dreamworld stuff - and my right arm flew off, representing someone who was near and dear to me at the time of the dream. My right arm is shorter than my left, due to the congenital defect of an ulna that grew out at the elbow, rather than extend correctly. It's a defective arm, handicapped to a degree. And it represented a friendship that was also handicapped.

My left arm also flew away, representing a healthy being, a healthy friendship with yet another person near and dear. But because it was my left arm, which I've always maintained as being less than functional - as a right-hander! - I couldn't do much with it.

Both legs also flew in different directions. One represented a healthy friendship with a young lady, and the other a poor friendship with yet another young lady. They were both important to my life, had kept me going for a while, and were of seemingly great value as people and as friends. But where I went was more directed by their presences than by my own pace and direction.

My torso also broke away, and my head flew up into the clouds. My torso represented a spiritual friendship of many years, and it was one upon which I had fed and grown fat throughout its time. My head represented an intellectual friendship, also of many years, and its haughtiness made no sense with the reality of the moment.

What was left after these pieces broke away was myself. It was my basic self, living me, for me, because of me, through me. All the life that I had given to others and all the stress I maintained for others was gone. My body stood up off the bench, and my mouth screamed "Mama!" And there I was.

The other being was still there when I looked around. He simply stated: "Physician, Heal Thyself." Then he disappeared. And I was reborn.

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